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Offline use: To use this interface offline, load the offline capture tool by clicking here. Once the page loads, you'll be able to access that page even without internet access; it will be stored in your browser.

This display shows the last few seconds of data, descending. The top, newest row of pixels is used by default to generate the graph. This can be changed later.

Label and annotate your spectrum so that you can find and analyze it later.

Good tagging can be extremely helpful; if you are doing a set of tests, consider tagging them all with a consistent tag name like "oliveoil" or "detergent".

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By uploading your data, you agree to release it under the Creative Commons Zero license


Experiment with writing macros based on the still-evolving Spectral Workbench API.

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As you create macros, please share them by posting research notes at Tag them with "macro".